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Origin:  Auckland, New Zealand
Genres:  Urban Country
Years Active:  2016 - Present
Label:  Triple A Records
Short Bio

Brought up on a healthy diet of The Clash, the Ramones, Gun Club and 60s garage music, in 2016 Tony Daunt found himself hungry for more. Enter, Tony Daunt & The Dauntless.


Daunt, a prolific musician, has been adding his dark and moody sound to bands such as the Lonesome Cowboys, Bernie Griffen and the Grifters, Tami Neilson, Donna Dean and the Blue Roses on stages around Australia and New Zealand for years. But, it wasn’t until Swampland, that Daunt moved from the back of the stage to front and centre, and that’s where he has stayed.


TD&TD is a passion project as Daunt has moved into a rockier yet more melodic phase of his writing. He is now producing thoughtful, multi-layered lyrics reflecting his own life and loves. The TD&TD lineup is an eclectic mix reflecting Tony’s diverse inspirations; Sebestény Baláz, on double bass (Korog), Kevin Place on pedal steel (Blue Roses), Bevan Lange on drums, newcomer, Louis Jarlov on rhythm guitar and Sarah Jay on backing vocals.


TD&TD’s debut album, Gypsy, offers a collection of emotionally powerful songs, straight from Daunt’s heart and life experience. Daunts ability to deliver a tender lyric through a raw vocal performance is compelling. Backed by a solid rhythm section and punctuated with haunting pedal steel melodies, TD&TD falls loosely into the Americana genre with hints of rock’n’roll and a respectful nod to Country music.

Tony Daunt is a rock’n’roll survivor and his aim is to keep on going; more gigs, more videos, more albums. So, get comfortable, Tony Daunt & The Dauntless will be here a while.


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